Plastic Staffing, a division of National Search Group, Inc., celebrates 31 years of excellence in plastic industry recruitment. Since 1993, they’ve been pivotal in connecting skilled professionals with top firms, shaping the industry’s trajectory. Over the past three decades, Plastic Staffing has facilitated over 33,200+ successful placements, contributing to the growth and success of the plastic industry nationwide.

Plastic Staffing has extended its reach across the entire plastics industry, providing solutions for Blow Molding & Injection Molding to Medical Device Manufacturing and Sustainable Plastics operations. This comprehensive understanding allows them to effectively understand and connect businesses with the right talent. 

Reflecting on the remarkable impact of Plastic Staffing’s placements, Chris Roberts, Vice President at Plastic Staffing, shared notable success stories:

  • Plastic Staffing placed a Director of Operations in a leading plastics manufacturing company with multiple production facilities. This strategic placement resulted in streamlined operations, a 15% increase in production efficiency, and a reduction in operational costs by 10% within the first year. The Director’s leadership was instrumental in the company’s expansion into new markets.
  • A Senior R&D Engineer was placed by Plastic Staffing in a company specializing in sustainable plastics solutions. This engineer spearheaded the development of a new biodegradable plastic product, leading to a breakthrough in the company’s product line. The new product generated significant market interest and increased the company’s revenue by 20%.
  • A Process Engineer was placed in a company specializing in custom plastic molded products. The engineer introduced rigorous quality control processes that reduced defects by 30% and enhanced customer satisfaction. This improvement was pivotal in securing long-term contracts with major clients.

“The current state of our industry is consistently growing, new products, designs, and projects are being completed every day” says Chris Roberts, Vice President at Plastic Staffing. “This is an industry you will have to keep your eye on because it’s so technical and can advance in many different ways. Celebrating 31 years in business is a testament to our adaptability and commitment. We call ourselves Plastic Staffing, but even we have grown to assist with roles involving rubber, chemicals, or plastic.”

Chris also mentioned Plastic Staffing’s commitment to building lasting connections, ensuring successful placements through deep industry knowledge and a focus on skill development. This fuels innovation and quality by connecting the right talent with the right companies, driving advancements in product design, manufacturing efficiency, and sustainability efforts within the plastics sector.

The 31st anniversary of Plastic Staffing is a testament to its commitment to the plastics industry. As they look ahead, they remain dedicated to connecting top talent with leading firms, providing exceptional service, and fostering long-term partnerships within the plastics community.

For more information about Plastic Staffing and its recruitment services, please visit [https://www.plasticstaffing.com/].

About Plastic Staffing

Plastic Staffing, a division of National Search Group, Inc., is a premier recruitment and staffing agency specializing in connecting skilled professionals with leading firms in the plastics manufacturing industry. With over 31 years of experience and a national reach, Plastic Staffing is dedicated to driving industry success and fostering professional growth.


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